Would you like to get to know your teacher or a another staff member a little better? This is the right place for that!

Kindergarten Ms. K Cakarnis
  Ms. R McNeley
  Ms. M Skone
First Grade Ms. M Bankson
  Ms. S Fulghum
  Mrs. Doherty
  Ms. R Yamamoto
Second Grade Mrs. K Blanding
  Ms. J Emsky
  Mrs. T Foos


Mrs. Thelen

Third Grade

Ms. B Reinke
  Mrs. J Barth 
  Ms. Serblin
  Ms. K Strand
Fourth Grade Mr. Jarreau
  Mr. C Winter
  Ms. K Wright
Fifth Grade Mr. N Pollock
  Ms. L Saiki
  Mrs. J Suarez
     Library Mrs. J McDowell
     Music Mr. J Morrow
     PE Ms. B Hogan
Office Staff  
     Principal Ms. T Coyle
     Dean of Students Ms. L Biller
     Assistant to the Principal  
     Office Professionals Mrs. D D'Alo
Support Staff  
     BASC - Wolf Club TBD
  Ms. M Womack
     Counseling Mrs. Larson
     Custodians Mr. D Holbrook
  Mr. G Montanaz
     ELL Mrs. D Buder
  Mrs. K DeBellis
     Family Partnership Liaison Ms. W Mithal
     Food Services Ms. L Crisp
  Ms. H Hasselbalch
     Health Counselor TBD
     Health Room Specialist Ms. A Stout
     Intervention Specialist Mrs. E Winter
     LRC Ms. N Buxton
  Ms. D Camp
  Ms. P Covello
  Ms. L George
  Ms. K Parks
     Nurse Ms. C Kuver
     Occupational Therapy Ms. E Mathias
     Paraprofessionals Ms. V Krisnamoorthy
  Ms. K Magill
  Ms. M. Mahajan
  Mrs. J Nangalia
  Ms. A Senior
     Psychologist Mrs. J Tsutsumi
     SAGE Mr. C McCulloch
     Speech Language Pathologist Ms. R Kneepkens
     Technology Specialist Mr. S Smith